One is encompassed by myriad emotions when suddenly asked to pause and dive into a retrospective. Having been working incessantly for over two decades never have I really sat back and thought about the life gone by. This seems to be an apt platform for me to drift back in time and get in touch with what has evolved me into the person I am.

Well after graduating in English Literature, at the cross roads of my life, I discovered a passion for journalism. Then destiny intervened in the form of my father, Mr. A. Sanjivi, a leading film editor, who asked me to spend my holidays at his editing room. Consumed with apprehension I stepped into a world that I had no intention, being a part of. Hailing from a film family I was well acquainted with different aspects of film making, but being an observer and actually being a part of the process is a different ball game all together. Working under my father turned out to be a blessing in disguise, for the simple reason that he never imposed his ideas of creativity on me. He allowed me to be and grow into an individual of my own. This gave me ample freedom to hone my skills and develop a stamp of my creativity. And the entire experience got me hooked and ever since my holiday doesn't seem to have ended, as I got entwined into the intoxicating world of cinema.

The six years that followed were seeped in hard work, as the confines of the workplace almost doubled as home, I say this because, when you are stationed in a place for more than 18 to 20 hours a day one hardly knows the difference between time and space. Alongside I grappled with insecurities that hound anyone who becomes a part of one of the most unpredictable professions ever and I was no exception. Thankfully I had a family who offered their unflinching support and hence I moved on undisturbed.

Fortunately as time passed by, I went on to becoming an independent editor with a Hindi feature film called 'Raakh', which could rightfully be termed as the turning point in my career. What better way, than kick starting your career with a national award for your first independent feature film. With the award came recognition and a conspicuous change in people's attitude towards my work.

Slowly but surely I developed a definitive perspective towards the process of filmmaking. As various avenues started opening up, my interest in different kinds of cinema grew. I made a conscious effort to be a part of cinema that was high on quality and posed great challenges to my creative instincts. My decision to take chances with numerous low budget films which were creatively satisfying paid of.

Cinema has no boundaries and hence I remain insatiated, as always will be the case. A new film, a different character, a mind blowing perspective, the list is never ending, all of them infuse and rejuvenate my spirit and I am raring to go. The journey continues, as there really never is a destination.